IT Relocation Services

Let our professionals take the stress out of your IT relocation.

Data Center and Server Relocation

 Local, national or international, we can safely move your precious cargo.  Ask about our zero-downtime service, for when the business just has to stay open.

Moving your data center to another building, town, state, or country is more than just backing up a van and loading the boxes. This task is enormous and takes time away from your everyday responsibilities of strategic data management. We’re experts at preparing and handling sensitive equipment and use specialized, state-of-the-art equipment to move your mission-critical technology.


The professionals at Abtech can manage every detail of your data center relocation. We help you avoid the nightmares associated with the physical move. With services ranging from simply moving unracked servers across the street to de-installation and reinstallation of enterprise architecture across North America, our engineers and logistics team understand the time-sensitive value of your business' data assets.


What's Included?


  • Assignment of a project manager
  • Dates & timeframes established
  • Manpower & activity coordination
  • Collection of data
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Existing and New data centers

    Site Evaluation

    • Power requirements
    • AC and ventilation requirements
    • Network requirements
    • Equipment positioning requirements



    • CE Onsite
    • Equipment & cables labeled
    • All equipment documented
    • Equipment secured for transport



    • Bonded Professional Movers
    • Supervision of loading and unloading
    • Multiple Transit options
    • Special packaging available





    • CE Onsite
    • Equipment positioning and installation
    • Operation verification
    • System Diagnostics
    • Error Diagnosis (if needed)
    • Connect system to network
    • Onsite replacement hard disk drives availability

    Repair & Insurance

    • Highest priority repair status
    • Full system replacement
    • Full maintenance contracts




    Customer Success

    Telecommunications Company Data Move

    Challenge: A major telecommunications service provider on a large Caribbean island was experiencing noticeable declines in performance on their production systems. With approximately 160,000 telephone customers, there was an imminent danger of dropping phone calls if the systems were to overload. The Telco needed to upgrade their hardware systems immediately because of an upcoming holiday weekend. They required a minimal effect on daily operations and minimal risk of failure during the upgrade.

    Solution: Abtech was notified on a Monday and was able to provide the logistics of setting up a test environment by Wednesday at one of Abtech’s nationwide service depots. Once these new systems were tested by Abtech and The Telco engineers, Abtech personnel properly packaged the equipment for safe transport back to the customer’s island facility.


    With Abtech’s assistance, the customer was able to upgrade their hardware systems in a very short time frame and with minimal downtime. The Telco will be able accommodate growth for years to come.

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