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Ransomware, wildfires, system failure, hurricanes. Our customers have seen them all and using StorTrust we have helped them to recover with minimal disruption. 


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Simple Backup and Rapid Recovery

  • Ransomware, no problem. With StorTrust we can recover a clean, uninfected system in a matter of minutes

  • Malicious Attack, if someone starts to delete your critical data or someone makes a mistake and deletes something important, with StorTrust, you can recover those lost files, before anyone has noticed they are missing.

Zero Touch Disaster Recovery

With StorTrust you get built in disaster recovery to protect your business, when your critical systems go down. 

  • Annual DR Test is included in the StorTrust service, so you can be confident of your disaster recovery strategy.

  • Zero click recovery.  vNo dashboard to learn. All you need is a phone. Call us and we will do the rest. We will spin your critical systems up in the StorTrust cloud.

  • No Hidden Costs StorTrust includes up to 30 days use of our cloud and recovery of your data when the disaster has passed.


Ransomware Attack

  1. Your file server becomes infected - Users can't access their files.
  2. The ransom demand arrives - A message appears on the user's screen demanding $$$$ in bitcoin within 48 hours.
  3. What do you do?  - You can pay the ransom or lose the data.  In the meantime, your business is on hold!

If you have StorTrust, we can get your data back quickly, without paying a ransom.

Free Disaster Recovery Planning Guide

Free Guide to Dealing with Ransomware

Ransomware Protection

StorTrust is the only cloud that will share in liability to restore from Ransomware.

Zero Click Restore

Call 844.432.8287 to restore your data to or from the cloud. Yes,  it really is that easy.

24/7 North american NOC

We have in house engineers available around the clock to restore your data to keep your business continuous, day or night.



  • Cloud Disaster Recovery

    Total protection against any disaster. Wildfires, hurricanes, power failure, system failure, human error. Our StorTrust service will protect your business.

  • Ransomware Protection

    You don't need to worry about ransomware when you have StorTrust. We have consistently recovered businesses from attacks, with no ransom paid out and no data lost..

  • Data protection

    You don't need to worry about ransomware when you have StorTrust. We have consistently recovered businesses from attacks, with no ransom paid out and no data lost..

  • Business Continuity

    If you can't access your critical IT systems, you need to be sure that your business will continue to operate. With StorTrust you know that your business will continue to operate.

  • Cloud Hosting

    StorTrust cloud hosting is the best place to host your critical business applications. Predicable pricing and performance and market leading uptime and security included in the service.

  • Backup & Recovery

    Backing up your data is important. Being able to recover that data is vital. StorTrust includes best of breed backup and recovery tools with built in compression, deduplication and replication.


Malicious Attack

What happens when you fire an employee, but they don’t go quietly?

  1. They go back to their desk and start to delete files.
  2. They know what they are doing. Some of these files are critical to the business.
  3. Some of these files are necessary for compliance. You could face legal action.


If you have StorTrust, we can get your data back quickly, keeping your business running.


StorTrust FAQ's

 Common Questions - Answered.

Does StorTrust Disaster Recovery include an DR test?

How much will it cost for us to spin-up in a disaster?

I don’t know how to plan for a disaster. Can you help?

What if I have a problem with my backups?

I already have a backup solution. Can you help with offsite replication?

My applications are in the cloud. Can you help me to protect them?

Yes, we provide an annual DR test to all StorTrust disaster recovery and business continuity service customers. Our consultants will schedule the test with your team and help you to conduct the test. We include up to 5 days use of the StorTrust cloud, each year, for no additional charge.

What if we have a disaster during a holiday ?

StorTrust Solutions

StorTrust Disaster Recovery as a Service is custom tailored solution that fits your specific needs. Zero click restore means there is no complex dashboard for you to learn, no stress, and no pressure.


A quick phone call to us and we spin up your critical systems in our cloud.

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